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Frequently answered questions (FAQ)

At WayOutfitters, we offer answers to your questions.


  • Are prices in USD or CAD?

    All prices shown on the website are in Canadian Dollars (CAD).

  • Is there a store where we can see and try your clothes?

    We now have a showroom at 511, rue Commerciale in La Tuque QC. You can call us at 1-855-5-WAY-OUT (1-855-592-9688).

  • Can I cancel an order after it has been paid ?

    Should you want to cancel your oder, you have to contact our team as soon as possible. By cons, if the package has already been shipped, you will have to follow the usual procedure for returns.

  • Which payment types are accepted on ?

    We accept the following credit cards : Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

    We also accept prepaid Visa and MasterCard credit cards.

    We also accept Visa Debit.

    You can also use WayOutfitters gift cards as well as promo codes issued by WayOutfitters.

    You can also apply WayDollars you have accumulated in your account to reduce the subtotal of your order.

  • Is it safe to buy online ?

    We use the well-known and secure payment platform Paypal for all of our transactions. No credit card information is stored on our servers for even more security.

  • How much tax am I going to be charged ?

    The sales tax rate that applies to an order is calculated based on the delivery address of the order.

    The 5% GST (Goods and Services Tax) is added to orders sent to all Canada provinces, except for the following which the HST (Harmonized Sales Tax) is instead charged : Nova Scotia (15%), Ontario (13%), New Brunswick (15%), Newfoundland and Labrador (15%) and Prince Edward Island (14%). For orders delivered to an adress in Quebec, the 9.975% QST (Québec Sales Tax) is also added.

  • If I’m buying items for a gift, is it possible not to put a copy of the invoice inside the box ?

    Of course ! When you’ll proceed to checkout, inform us that you’re buying a gift by mentioning it in the comment box. The only invoice that will be sent will be the one you’ll receive by email.

  • Do I HAVE to buy the articles I place in my cart ?

    No ! The articles are charged only when you actually proceed to checkout.

  • What are the benefits of becoming a member ?

    Exclusive offers.

    You save big thanks to our WayDollars. For every CA$20 you spend, get 1 WayDollar back in you account, to spend on future purchases. See our terms of use for more details.

    You’ll be informed of our promotions and special events before everyone else.

  • Is it free to open an account with you ?

    Yes ! In addition, there are plenty of benefits of joining WayOutfitters.

  • Do I HAVE to create an account to buy stuff on ?

    Absolutely not ! You can proceed to payment quickly, without needing to open an account with us.

  • Under which circumstances can WayOutfitters decide not to ship my order ?

    We reserve the right to cancel any order that we suspect fraudulous.

    We reserve the right to cancel any order which is to be sent to remote areas in the event that the customer refuses the pay the applicable non-flat shipping fee.

    Should there be a problem, beyond our control, with our official carrier Canada Post (strike, pressure tactics, suspension of activites, etc.).


  • Which areas are considered remote and which postal codes are not eligible to flat shipping rates ?

    Northwest Territories, Yukon and Nunavut are not eligible to flat shipping rates. The base shipping fee for those areas is C$25 but one of our team members will contact you after you order to indicate the actual shipping fee for your specific order.

    Here is the list of all the postal codes that are NOT eligible to flat shipping rates :

    • A0K 1N0 NL
    • A0K 5V0 NL
    • A0P 1A0 NL
    • A0P 1G0 NL
    • A0P 1J0 NL
    • A0P 1L0 NL
    • A0P 1N0 NL
    • A0P 1P0 NL
    • G0G 1G0 QC
    • G0G 1M0 QC
    • G0G 1N0 QC
    • G0G 1S0 QC
    • G0G 1T0 QC
    • G0G 2C0 QC
    • G0G 2R0 QC
    • G0G 2W0 QC
    • G0G 2Y0 QC
    • J0M 1A0 QC
    • J0M 1C0 QC
    • J0M 1G0 QC
    • J0M 1H0 QC
    • J0M 1J0 QC
    • J0M 1K0 QC
    • J0M 1M0 QC
    • J0M 1N0 QC
    • J0M 1P0 QC
    • J0M 1S0 QC
    • J0M 1T0 QC
    • J0M 1V0 QC
    • J0M 1X0 QC
    • J0M 1Y0 QC
    • P0L 1A0 ON
    • P0L 1H0 ON
    • P0L 1S0 ON
    • P0L 2H0 ON
    • P0T 1L0 ON
    • P0T 1Z0 ON
    • P0T 2L0 ON
    • P0T 3A0 ON
    • P0T 3B0 ON
    • P0V 1B0 ON
    • P0V 1E0 ON
    • P0V 1G0 ON
    • P0V 1J0 ON
    • P0V 1N0 ON
    • P0V 1V0 ON
    • P0V 1W0 ON
    • P0V 1Y0 ON
    • P0V 1Z0 ON
    • P0V 2G0 ON
    • P0V 2L0 ON
    • P0V 2P0 ON
    • P0V 2Y0 ON
    • P0V 2Z0 ON
    • P0V 3B0 ON
    • P0V 3E0 ON
    • P0V 3G0 ON
    • R0B 0A0 MB
    • R0B 0B0 MB
    • R0B 0M0 MB
    • R0B 0N0 MB
    • R0B 0P0 MB
    • R0B 0T0 MB
    • R0B 0V0 MB
    • R0B 0Z0 MB
    • R0B 0Z0 MB
    • R0B 1C0 MB
    • R0B 1G0 MB
    • R0B 1H0 MB
    • R0B 1J0 MB
    • R0B 1K0 MB
    • R0B 1N0 MB
    • R0B 1Z0 MB
    • R0B 2B0 MB
    • R0B 2C0 MB
    • R0B 2E0 MB
    • R0B 2G0 MB
    • R0B 2H0 MB
    • R0C 0J0 MB
    • S0J 0H0 SK
    • S0J 0W0 SK
    • S0J 2R0 SK
    • S0J 2W0 SK
    • S0J 3C0 SK
    • T0H 1R0 AB
    • T0P 1B0 AB
    • V0J 3B0 BC
    • V0J 3N0 BC
    • V0N 1M0 BC
    • V0N 2B0 BC
    • V0N 3H0 BC
    • V0N 3S0 BC
    • V0P 1B0 BC
    • V0P 1J0 BC
    • V0P 1L0 BC
    • V0P 1P0 BC
    • V0P 1S0 BC
    • V0P 1V0 BC
    • V0P 1W0 BC
    • V0R 1A0 BC
    • V0T 1L0 BC
    • V0T 1P0 BC
    • V0V 1A0 BC
    • V0V 1C0 BC
    • V0V 1E0 BC
    • V0V 1H0 BC
    • X0A 0A0 NU
    • X0A 0B0 NU
    • X0A 0C0 NU
    • X0A 0E0 NU
    • X0A 0G0 NU
    • X0A 0H0; X0A 1H0 NU
    • X0A 0J0 NU
    • X0A 0K0 NU
    • X0A 0L0 NU
    • X0A 0N0 NU
    • X0A 0R0 NU
    • X0A 0S0 NU
    • X0A 0V0 NU
    • X0A 0W0 NU
    • X0B 0C0 NU
    • X0B 0E0 NU
    • X0B 1B0 NU
    • X0B 1J0 NU
    • X0B 1K0 NU
    • X0B 2A0 NU
    • X0C 0A0 NU
    • X0C 0B0 NU
    • X0C 0C0 NU
    • X0C 0E0 NU
    • X0C 0G0 NU
    • X0C 0H0 NU
    • X0C 0J0 NU
    • X0E 0A0 NT
    • X0E 0G0 NT
    • X0E 0H0 NT
    • X0E 0K0 NT
    • X0E 0S0 NT
    • X0E 0V0 NT
    • X0E 0Z0 NT
    • X0E 1A0 NT
    • X0E 1C0 NT
    • X0E 1L0 NT
    • X0E 1N0 NT
    • X0E 1P0 NT
    • X0E 1R0 NT
    • X0E 1W0 NT
    • X0E 1Z0 NT
    • Y0B 1N0 YK
  • How much does shipping to remote areas costs ?

    Shipping fees for remote areas are calculated depending on the destination address. Our team will contact you to inform you of the actual cost in order to close the transaction.

  • Do you ship outside of Canada ?

    We currently only deliver across Canada and the United States.

    International shipping is also available upon request. Please use the chat service or send an email to [email protected] to know what options are available for your country.

  • What if I’m not home when the package arrives ? Where can I get it ?

    Stay calm, your package won’t sit at your front door, unattended ! Canada Post will leave a notice card on which the information to claim your package will be provided. You might have to go to a Canada Post counter or postal box.

  • How much time before I get my package ?

    Orders are sent out after receiving the payment, going through security and fraud verification process and packing.

    The delivery period starts when Canada Post picks up the package. All boxes ship out of our installations based in the province of Québec.

    According to the destination address, shipping usually takes between 2 to 6 business days accross Canada and 4 to 7 business days for US addresses, via USPS. To evaluate the arrival date of your shipment, check out Canada Post’s link below. Enter G9A in the first field, enter your own postal code in the next one and click submit. Check the column named Expedited Parcel.

After sales service

  • How can I use promo codes ?

    We sometimes issue promo codes that will allow you to benefit from discounts and special offers. These codes can be applied during the checkout process.

    These promo codes are only valid once and we reserve the right to interrupt their use at any time.

  • How should I wash the clothes I buy on your site ?

    Fabric care instructions are provided within each product page on the website. We always recommend to wash your clothes in cold water, using the « normal » cycle. Never put your clothes in the dryer. Hang them outside or on a drying rack.

    All wool clothes have to be hand washed and hung.

    You can also read this article that explains the symbols on your clothing label :

  • I need some advice. What should I do ?

    Check out our blog :

    You don’t know what to wear for a specific occasion ? Visit our « What to wear to… » section.

    You can reach one of our team members by using the Chat tool, always visible at the bottom of the screen.

  • Where can I find information regarding clothes sizes ?

    In every product page, under the pictures of the product, you'll find a link to see the product's Size Chart.

  • What brands are available at WayOutfitters ?

    We offer more than 40 different brands.

    Au noir; Ben Sherman; Black Bull; Brixton; Docker’s; Dissident; Evolution Man; Herschel Supply; Jack & Jones; Komono; Konifer Watch ; Le Shark; Les Pétards; Levi’s; Minimum; Muchachomalo; Only & Sons; Penfield; PhilippeWatson; RVCA; Richer Poorer; RipCurl; Savonnerie des Dilligences; Tom Tailor; Triumph & Disaster ; WeSC and more.

  • Do WayDollars expire ?

    WayDollars expire 15 months (456 days) after they were earned. When redeeming WayDollars in a transaction, the oldest WayDollars are used in order to make sure the oldest WayDollars get cleared out first.

  • Can I transfer my WayDollars into real money ?

    No. WayDollars can only be applied on a transaction as a coupon.

  • What are WayDollars ?

    WayDollars are exclusive to members who signed up for an account on For every CA$20 you spend on eligible merchandise, you receive 1 WayDollar, which you can use as a coupon to reduce the subtotal of your future orders. See our terms of use for more details.

  • When do I get the money back when I return an item ?

    If all conditions of the return policy are respected once we receive the item, refunds are transferred within 10 to 12 days following the receiving of the returned items and the original payment method is used to proceed. We also reserve the right to refund with a store credit or, for members, the refund could also be converted into WayDollars in the account. If WayDollars were earned on the initial transaction, they will be taken back from the account when the refund is issued. If WayDollars were used on the initial transaction, depending on the nature of the refund, they could be returned to the account when the credit is issued.

  • What kind of merchandise can not be returned ?

    No return allowed on these items : underwear, socks, swimwear, barber products, cologne, body products, electronic devices and accessories and all items under C$15.

  • Can I return items that were on sale ?

    Items that were on sale (40% off or more) are final sales. Refunds are not allowed on those items.

  • How much time do I have to return an item ?

    You have 15 days following the arrival date of your package.
    In case you had mentioned it was a gift, you have 30 days instead of 15.

  • How much does it cost to return an item ?

    Make sure to check out the Return Policy to know if there’s a promotion running regarding returns. Otherwise,

    There is a return fee of C$5 (plus tax).

    Initial shipping fees are not refunded.

  • What is the procedure to return an item ?

    • Go to the My Returns page.

    • A member of our team will get back to you within 72 hours to explain the rest of the procedure.

    • Keep the original box in which you received the products. If the return is accepted, the item will have to be returned in the same box.

  • Can I return an item after I’ve received it ?

    Yes. All returned items must be in perfect condition, have not been worn, washed or altered. Items must be free of tears, scratches, stains, human or pet hair, or else the return won’t be processed.

    The orginal product tag must not have been removed and must still be attached exactly where it was or else the return won’t be processed.

    Make sure to check out the Return Policy first.

  • How can I contact WayOutfitters and receive news about you ?

    There are plenty of ways to do so.

    Using the chat service offered while you visit the website

    On our blog :

    On social media sites :

    On Snapchat @wayoutfitters

    Write us an email at : [email protected]

    Call us at: 1-855-5WAYOUT

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