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Our approach

The summer of 2014 has been decisive for the founders of WayOutfitters, determined to innovate. The concept: exploring the e-commerce business by bringing a human side and develop a general store for men, unique of its kind.

Unique by…

  • The diversity and quality of products and services available at a single address;
  • Clothing and accessories of all kinds, regardless of the task to accomplish;
  • Products for the body to feel good and stay young, forever;
  • Gadgets and tech products to facilitate the completion of work well done;
  • A bold and creative blog focused on advices and creative topics for men.

WayOutfitters is an “avant-gardiste” and unconventional concept by its way to dress and advise men on what they should wear. It is a virtual human establishment that sells various men’s fashion items, of outstanding quality, ensuring a quick and easy shopping experience.

The Trois-Rivières founders; Frank (the communicator), and Jan (the auditor), founded WayOutfitters in the spirit of creating a neighborhood general store, on the web. The best place to get your hands on all sorts of finds, at a fair price and where personalized service is always put forward.

Established in the middle of nature, in Trois-Rivières, WayOutfitters is a Canadian biz mindful of new consumer trends, fashion, technology and design. Thanks to this attention to detail, WayOutfitters America Inc. is constantly evolving in order to develop a sense of belonging with its major partners and especially with its customers.

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