FREE SHIPPING! (see details)



Free shipping on all orders of C$125 and up before tax, excluding gift card purchases. This offer is not applicable on orders delivered to remote areas or the USA. See REMOTE AREAS below.


$10 Shipping

For all orders, shipping costs C$10 plus tax, flat rate. *Not applicable on orders delivered to remote areas below or the USA.

Gift cards

Gift cards are only sent by email to the provided email address.

Canada and USA only

Shipping is currently only offered to residents of Canada and the USA. Shipping to the USA is offered at flat rate of C$15. Should the actual Canada Post shipping fee be significantly higher, the order could be cancelled unless the customer is willing to pay the extra fee. International shipping is also available upon request. Please contact us and provide us with the products you would like to purchase as well as your full mailing address and one of our team member will get back to you shortly.

Remote areas

Remote areas (Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut or areas in these postal codes) don’t benefit from the free shipping offer and the C$10 plus tax flat rate. The base shipping fee for those areas is C$25 plus tax. Since shipping fares vary for those areas, our team will get in touch with you and inform you of the exact shipping fee before closing the transaction. Here is the list of all the postal codes that are NOT eligible to flat shipping rates :

  • A0K 1N0 NL
  • A0K 5V0 NL
  • A0P 1A0 NL
  • A0P 1G0 NL
  • A0P 1J0 NL
  • A0P 1L0 NL
  • A0P 1N0 NL
  • A0P 1P0 NL
  • G0G 1G0 QC
  • G0G 1M0 QC
  • G0G 1N0 QC
  • G0G 1S0 QC
  • G0G 1T0 QC
  • G0G 2C0 QC
  • G0G 2R0 QC
  • G0G 2W0 QC
  • G0G 2Y0 QC
  • J0M 1A0 QC
  • J0M 1C0 QC
  • J0M 1G0 QC
  • J0M 1H0 QC
  • J0M 1J0 QC
  • J0M 1K0 QC
  • J0M 1M0 QC
  • J0M 1N0 QC
  • J0M 1P0 QC
  • J0M 1S0 QC
  • J0M 1T0 QC
  • J0M 1V0 QC
  • J0M 1X0 QC
  • J0M 1Y0 QC
  • P0L 1A0 ON
  • P0L 1H0 ON
  • P0L 1S0 ON
  • P0L 2H0 ON
  • P0T 1L0 ON
  • P0T 1Z0 ON
  • P0T 2L0 ON
  • P0T 3A0 ON
  • P0T 3B0 ON
  • P0V 1B0 ON
  • P0V 1E0 ON
  • P0V 1G0 ON
  • P0V 1J0 ON
  • P0V 1N0 ON
  • P0V 1V0 ON
  • P0V 1W0 ON
  • P0V 1Y0 ON
  • P0V 1Z0 ON
  • P0V 2G0 ON
  • P0V 2L0 ON
  • P0V 2P0 ON
  • P0V 2Y0 ON
  • P0V 2Z0 ON
  • P0V 3B0 ON
  • P0V 3E0 ON
  • P0V 3G0 ON
  • R0B 0A0 MB
  • R0B 0B0 MB
  • R0B 0M0 MB
  • R0B 0N0 MB
  • R0B 0P0 MB
  • R0B 0T0 MB
  • R0B 0V0 MB
  • R0B 0Z0 MB
  • R0B 0Z0 MB
  • R0B 1C0 MB
  • R0B 1G0 MB
  • R0B 1H0 MB
  • R0B 1J0 MB
  • R0B 1K0 MB
  • R0B 1N0 MB
  • R0B 1Z0 MB
  • R0B 2B0 MB
  • R0B 2C0 MB
  • R0B 2E0 MB
  • R0B 2G0 MB
  • R0B 2H0 MB
  • R0C 0J0 MB
  • S0J 0H0 SK
  • S0J 0W0 SK
  • S0J 2R0 SK
  • S0J 2W0 SK
  • S0J 3C0 SK
  • T0H 1R0 AB
  • T0P 1B0 AB
  • V0J 3B0 BC
  • V0J 3N0 BC
  • V0N 1M0 BC
  • V0N 2B0 BC
  • V0N 3H0 BC
  • V0N 3S0 BC
  • V0P 1B0 BC
  • V0P 1J0 BC
  • V0P 1L0 BC
  • V0P 1P0 BC
  • V0P 1S0 BC
  • V0P 1V0 BC
  • V0P 1W0 BC
  • V0R 1A0 BC
  • V0T 1L0 BC
  • V0T 1P0 BC
  • V0V 1A0 BC
  • V0V 1C0 BC
  • V0V 1E0 BC
  • V0V 1H0 BC
  • X0A 0A0 NU
  • X0A 0B0 NU
  • X0A 0C0 NU
  • X0A 0E0 NU
  • X0A 0G0 NU
  • X0A 0H0; X0A 1H0 NU
  • X0A 0J0 NU
  • X0A 0K0 NU
  • X0A 0L0 NU
  • X0A 0N0 NU
  • X0A 0R0 NU
  • X0A 0S0 NU
  • X0A 0V0 NU
  • X0A 0W0 NU
  • X0B 0C0 NU
  • X0B 0E0 NU
  • X0B 1B0 NU
  • X0B 1J0 NU
  • X0B 1K0 NU
  • X0B 2A0 NU
  • X0C 0A0 NU
  • X0C 0B0 NU
  • X0C 0C0 NU
  • X0C 0E0 NU
  • X0C 0G0 NU
  • X0C 0H0 NU
  • X0C 0J0 NU
  • X0E 0A0 NT
  • X0E 0G0 NT
  • X0E 0H0 NT
  • X0E 0K0 NT
  • X0E 0S0 NT
  • X0E 0V0 NT
  • X0E 0Z0 NT
  • X0E 1A0 NT
  • X0E 1C0 NT
  • X0E 1L0 NT
  • X0E 1N0 NT
  • X0E 1P0 NT
  • X0E 1R0 NT
  • X0E 1W0 NT
  • X0E 1Z0 NT
  • Y0B 1N0 YK

Canada Post

Canada Post is in charge of the safe delivery of packages. After your purchase, a tracking number will be sent to you in order to track your shipment.

Delivery period

Once a transaction is submitted on the website, payment has to go through a security and fraud process before it is transferred to us. Once payment has been received by us, the order is packed and sent to you! The delivery period starts when Canada Post picks up the package. All boxes ship out of our installations based in the province of Québec. According to the destination address, shipping usually takes between 2 to 6 business days across the country. To evaluate the arrival date of your shipment, check out Canada Post’s link below. Enter G9A in the first field, enter your own postal code in the next one and click submit. Check the column named Expedited Parcel.

Unclaimed packages

If the package isn’t picked up at the Canada Post service location within the delays specified on Canada Post’s notice cards and the package has to be returned to WayOutfitters, a 35% fee calculated on the total of the purchases will be deducted from the amount refunded. Shipping fees and other transaction fees are not refundable.

Damaged parcel in delivery

If your parcel was damaged during the delivery process, contact us by phone at the following number : 1-855-5WAYOUT. A member of our team will assist you.

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