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The founders

2 guys, 2 personalities, 1 vision.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a text allows to discover what a picture can’t project. The founders of WayOutfitters each have their own personality. Find out who they are.



Frank is a dedicated entrepreneur, always striving to offer special products and services. Doing the minimum is never an option; going all out, yes. Indefatigable, he can pass through any project and he will do so with the greatest sense of accomplishment once completed. Creative, forward-thinking and visionary, sometimes it seems only him can understand himself! Even if he loves nature, travel, and the Sun, he needs to be with people, in the middle of the action.



Young man whose imagination continues to grow while remaining young at heart, Jan is passionate guy for whom the pursuit of happiness is the most important thing. His head has never experienced a moment of rest, which is probably why he likes to take a nap. Legacy of his father, his resourcefulness and cleverness have always allowed him to find solutions, no matter the situation.

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