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What to wear

Help! I'm trying to find out what to wear to...

An interview

When going to a job interview, you need to be 200 % confident. We don’t recommend to be overdressed, though it is forbidden to wear jeans! Remember that you’ll only get one chance to make a good impression. A job interview is a serious thing. Stay conservative while showing a bit of your true colors. You have to be different from others in order to be noticed. Don’t unveil your assets all at once! It’s always good to be able to impress your boss every now and then.

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The undeniables :

  • Long sleeve shirt that makes your eyes stand out
  • Clean and adjusted chino
  • Belt
  • Neutral shoes with socks a bit out of the ordinary
  • Firm handshake and a nice smile

According to your mood :

  • Jacket (fitted)
  • Tie (only if you’re comfortable wearing one)
  • Small briefcase (if needed)

Big no :

  • Watch
  • Cell phone
  • Chewing gum
  • Torn clothes

Finally, before an interview, make sure to clean your social network pages so that your future boss doesn’t find anything bad about you (or what you’ve said or done) on the Net.

A cocktail party

Rumour has it you have to wear a suit and tie to a cocktail party? WRONG. Dress clean (in the sense of cleanliness) and everything is going to be fine. If you usually wear a polo to work, keep it for the drinks! What I suggest is to plan your clothes the morning of the event, thinking that there will be a lot of people and it will get hot during the gathering. Comfort is the key and the clothes that make you feel in control will give off good impression.

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5 stars :

  • An original shirt that’ll make people talk about it
  • A nice watch
  • Nice hair
  • Handkerchief (for your shirt or jacket)
  • Fresh breath

It's not time to :

  • Wear a t-shirt
  • Wear a smoking
  • Wear a thick crewneck

Fashionable :

  • Sharing contacts with your mobile instead of handing out business cards
  • Ankle boots instead of business shoes

The ideal arrival time is 5 :10 pm, max 5 :20. Often there will be a short welcoming speech about 30 minutes after 5. You can leave 90 minutes after your arrival time. If you get there at 5, you can vanish by 6 :30, and so on.

Sunday brunch

You get up on Sunday morning with a sudden desire to go for a brunch? Don’t hesitate! A man’s best meal isn’t the traditional bacon & eggs for nothing! Go straight to your closet while asking your girlfriend to get ready (we never repeat enough!).

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  • T-shirt and hoodie
  • Soft-colored shirt
  • Comfy pants (jeans or coton)

Monday morning will come fast enough so please set aside your formal clothes.


  • Intense graphic tees
  • Bright colors or black
  • Shirts buttoned all the way up

Fashionable :

  • Sharing contacts with your mobile instead of handing out business cards
  • Ankle boots instead of business shoes

With a casual kit, of good taste and in which you’ll feel good and confident, you’ll then be able to focus on what’s really important : your meal!

Welcome back autumn

The official colors of Fall 2015 are fairly simple. We go back to basics with natural colors, a trend noticed for some years. This season’s popular colors are neutral, with some bright colors and patterns to reflect a landscape of hope, pleasure and fantasy.

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The base :

  • Greenish gray
  • Blue gray, always sustainable
  • The timeless navy blue
  • Olive green, for those who dare naturally
  • Red brown (red earth)

Accent :

  • Golden yellow resembling WayOutfitters’ yellow
  • Salmon (color)
  • Pale pink with a slight blue tint
  • Purple gray
  • Aqua green, the water color with a green

When speaking of accent colors, it means to incorporate these colors to the accessories that complete your kits. A hat, a bow tie, a belt, socks or details on some of your clothes should display an accent color.

Direct your choice towards intriguing colors, those on which it may be difficult to put a name on, you will definitely draw attention. Brighten your autumn kits with sweaters, cardigans and overcoats the colors of tree leaves. It’ll be comforting for your friends’ eyes.

Have nice hair

You’re the kind of guy who wakes up, gets in the shower and lets his hair air dry. Even worse, you take your shower at night and wake up with messy hair. Unfortunately, your messy hair doesn’t look like the messy hairstyles worn by hot guys in tv commercials. Why is that? Because even a messy style needs work and an appropriate cut. Aside from the fact that you should visit your hairdresser at least once a month, you should also take an apointment with yourself every morning in front of the mirror. Tip : unless your hairdresser tells you otherwise, wash your hair every other day so that it doesn’t get dry. Use a good conditioner.

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Long hair :

Maybe you don’t have enough time to blow your hair because it’s too long. You should at least brus hit and give it a minimum of heat to remove a minimum of humidi Don’t use sticky products; you don’t want to look like spaghettis. Choose wax or a light pommade. Those products will allow you to control unruly or damaged hair, while brightening it up and allowing the breeze to go through it flawlessly, beach boy style.

Short hair :

Take the time to use the hairdryer with a brush. For a messy hairstyle, you’ll have to use a stronger pommade in order to keep your hair in place the whole day. With a good haircut, a messy hairstyle shouldn’t be too hard to achieve. Run your hand in your hair a couple times from the front to the back, reverse the operation, hide the pieces of hair that bother you and, voilà!

Curly hair :

Be confident and live with it, or do something about it! If you don’t like your curly hair, you don’t HAVE to use the iron. Start by using the hairdryer while brushing your hair every possible way. You’ll straighten the roots by doing so, and if you straighten your hair’s roots, you’ll undoubtedly straighten your hair. Once straight-er, your hair will likely be thicker but if you put on a good pommade, you wont look like a wire brush. For a cleaner look, use a comb to style your hair with precision.

A show

Lightness. It’s the theme to remember when you’ll be trapped in a concert hall for 2 hours. First of all, you’ll be stuck in your seat and your legs won’t have enough room because the seats were made in the 30’s. Secondly, it’ll get hot. You’ll be closely surrounded by at least 20 people and you’ll laugh, sing, shout and even dance. What a night.

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  • Baseball tee
  • Polo shirt
  • Light chino
  • Light socks
  • Scarf


  • Boots
  • Hoodies
  • Ties and bow ties


  • Make sure your chewing gum stays fresh
  • You’ll have a good deodorant or antipersiprant on
  • Your mobile will stay quiet (though you’ll be active on social networks)
  • Arrive at least 5 minutes before the show

You’ll check your coat upon arrival in order to maximize the space once seated and don’t forget to go for a short walk during the intermission.

Go out in town

There’s tension in the air and friends start to knock at your front door. It’s the last stop before you guys go out and they’re all excited. You open your closet doors and you’re wondering what you’re going to wear. Let us give you a hand.

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For sure :

  • Nice textured shirt with cool patterns
  • The shirt you paid a million bucks
  • Jeans or chinos, fitted
  • Belt that matches your clothes
  • Colorful socks
  • Fabric shoes, stylish
  • Original watch

Not so much :

  • The handyman style
  • The branded t-shirt; rather go for a special design on the shirt, not necessarily a special brand name
  • The pullover hooodie
  • Soggy clothes

When you go out, dress up so that people notice your style, without being extravagant. You could always just look like the guy standing at the bar… Remember? Right you don’t, because no one remembers the extras in movies. Don’t look like one.

Go apple picking

A favorite for all, or almost. Usually, the end of September is the ideal moment to walk through apple-filled orchards, well-dressed. Forget about your shorts and flip-flops. Mostly because the wind can suddenly burst at any moment but also because your niece will probably ask you to serve as a portable ladder to go get THE roundest, reddest apple of all.

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  • Comfortable top
  • Hoodie
  • Plaid is good
  • Jeans
  • Good shoes
  • Sunglasses


  • Wind jacket
  • Rain boots
  • Hat
  • Wool socks

Never :

  • Jog pants

Apple picking is the first occasion to show off your new fall colors, you gotta go all in!

The beach

The Sun is shining and you’ve organized a weekend at the beach? Excellent idea, but before you hit the road, take a couple minutes to gather up your stuff and pack your beach bag with adequate clothes.

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Don’t get trapped in the habit of packing only sports items (football ball, frisbee, etc.) in your bag, think of yourself too!


  • Swim shorts
  • T-shirt or short sleeve shirt
  • Flip-flops
  • Cap/hat
  • Sunglasses


  • Beach towel
  • Sunscreen – minimum SPF 30
  • Bug repellent (some beaches are inhabitated by ticks and deer flies)
  • Bermuda shorts and boxers (in case you don’t stop by the hotel before going out for dinner)
  • Light coton vest

Regarding your swim shorts color, try to choose one that goes well with your skin tone. If you’re not too tanned, choose a darker color. If you’re already tanned, you can afford going with bright colors.

Stay away from black or very dark clothes. The beach is a place where light colors are chosen not only for style but also to repel the Sun’s heat. Reading this right now, you might not care about it, but when you’ll be outside burning when it’s 35 degrees, you’ll think differently!

Have a nice face

Looking good is not just about what your parents genetically gave you. You could have the best-looking features, if you don’t take care of them, your beauty will fade away over time and the good-looking prince your are will soon change into Shrek. Don’t fool yourself, taking care of your skin isn’t just a girl thing. Several products are now specifically designed with men in mind (finally!), from head to toe.

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  • Wash your face 1 to 2 times a day with a face wash
  • Moisturizing lotion during the day, with SPF if needed
  • Lip balm (so that your kisses get you whatever you want)
  • Anti-wrinkle cream, to prevent (or slow down) San Andreas Fault around your eyes


  • Face mask
  • Exfoliating
  • Unibrow removal (by doing it every week, the chore won’t be as painful), using tweezers or wax. Your call.


  • Go to the spa and get a facial treatment. Even if it sounds absurd or very feminine, every one should get a facial every time we change seasons. Our skin reacts to the environment around us and you can be sure you’ll get amazing results by going to the spa at least 4 times a year. You’ll get out of there relaxed, rejuvenated, free of blackheads with a brand new skin.

Some of you will say that there’s nothing like staying natural. Of course, but natural doesn’t mean dirty.

A night with friends

Saturday night has finally come and you gather up with friends. You don’t care for licensed bars since you’re heading to your friend’s place. Even if it’s not a formal occasion, don’t neglect what you look like. Fitted shirts can be put aside to rather choose comfortable clothes of good taste. Among friends, you can look more casual, just not dilapidated!

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We love :

  • Polo shirts
  • Cool tees (pocket tees, graphics). Forget about the ones you wear to mow the lawn
  • Comfy jeans
  • Casual shoes

Not for now :

  • The shirt you bought for a million bucks
  • Dress pants
  • An overall flamboyant style

Hockey night

Hockey has always made people gather together and when important games come, we all want to show maximum support to our favorite team. Some go a bit too far (like going shirtless and paint their bodies) while others are just too quiet. Being a fan is not a crime or a shame! Guys, be proud of your allegiance and be demonstrative!

More advice


  • Official team jersey
  • The cap that goes with it
  • Boxers and socks to match


  • A shirt of the team’s official colors (Toronto = blue, Montreal = red, etc.)
  • Matching scarf


  • Jerseys of players who aren’t in the team anymore
  • Shirts of the rival team, a minor league, another team or even worse, another sport

In victory or defeat, stay loyal to your team without neglecting your style! Home accessories like cushions, coasters, glasses and flags can also be part of the celebration!

Spend less than 100$

You’re on a tight budget because your vacations cost you too much? It’s not a reason not to choose a couple of pieces at low prices yet providing high quality results! In that case, you have to choose 2 pieces that can be paired with just about everything. Let’s call them cameleons; pants and tops. With those, you have to make sure they will always look like new items no matter what you wear them with. Rely on accessories, watches and socks to create new styles.

More advice


  • Suspenders
  • Bow ties
  • Colorful socks
  • Belts
  • Cap/hat/beenie

A fresh haircut definitely does miracles. Even a garment worn once a week for a year will look new with a clean haircut. Go ahead and try, you’d be surprised.

Weekend road trip

Our lives are all infernal and to vent the time of a weekend, there’s nothing like a quick getaway, a few hours from home. It’s a light trip, so should your luggage be. To get there, the road may be long and you must dress so that your deodorant can survive until you reach destination.

More advice

Do not drive with a coat on. Leave it on the back seat and put it on when you need to stop for gas, for example. Wear a baseball tee.


  • Sunglasses
  • Baseball tee; not too thick and very comfortable
  • Chinos
  • Gum and water bottle

We believe you should not drive with a hoodie on your back. By the end of the trip, you’ll get shoulder discomfort and driving doesn’t provide time to deal with that. On the other hand, driving is a good time to charge up your mobile, without touching it. Have some change for the few coffees you’ll need to reach your destination. Finally, do not drive with flip flops, but rather with good closed shoes on. Imagine what could happen if your sandals got stuck in the gas pedal... Caution!

To fill my suitcase

You’re planning a special getaway or a week off in another country? If you’re used to it, your luggage will be organized and you’ll bring the right items, and the right quantity too. But, for those who don’t travel much, you’re probably going to bring too much useless stuff, or just not enough!

More advice

When you bring a suitcase with you, the one thing not to rely on is to do your laundry at the hotel. Bringing only a few pieces could lead to this frustrating situation and will force you to keep wearing the same (dirty) clothes every day. Realizing that you’re shirt stinks once seated at the restaurant is quite embarassing.

It’s pretty simple to know the right amount of pieces to bring for each clothing category :

  • 5 pairs of boxers per traveling day
  • 5 top (shirt, t-shirt, polo shirt, etc.) per traveling day
  • 5 pair of pants per traveling day
  • 5 pair of socks per traveling day

You also need to bring the basics :

  • Jacket (windbreaker)
  • A nice pair of shoes for outings

Your bathroom pouch has to be complete yet simple :

  • Toothpase and toothbrush
  • Deodorant
  • Perfume
  • Hair styling product
  • Razor
  • Moisturizer
  • Tiny First Aid Kit

With this simple list, your luggage will stay compact and you’ll be sure not to forget anything. In extreme cases, there are stores outside your town too, you know? No stress, just enjoy!

The movies

Rushing to the theater for a movie premiere is a timeless leisure and almost comforting. That is why you must where garments in which your are comfortable. Not too extravagant either. Anyway, the darkness of the room is not the right setting for a parade. Don’t forget the possible damage you will cause with your popcorn and pop! Not ALL Movie theaters are spacious and comfortable. For this reason, your clothes have to be.

More advice


  • Baggy jeans but not too much, don’t revive a dated trend.
  • Hoodie with a t-shirt underneath; air conditioning is never far away
  • The cap; you don’t want to bump into other people and have to chat… Plus, you need camouflage to sleep in peace should the film be a total disaster.
  • Wool socks, to recreate the comfort of your living room.

In cold weather, try not to wear your biggest coat. If the room is full, you won’t enjoy having big Teddy on your lap for 2 hours.

Take a flight

Comfort is a priority when traveling and it starts with the clothes you wear. Try to wear soft textiles of a size that allows you to move easily. It really isn’t the time to convince yourself that you’ll fit in your 32 jeans when you really wear 33. Think of the frequent temperature changes too. Sometimes, it’s really cold on a plane and gets warm and humid by the end of the flight. Forget about shorts and t-shirts, even during the summer or when going to a sunny destination. We strongly suggest to wear long sleeves and pants but made of really light fabrics. A light hoodie, for example, is a really good travel companion because it can also cover your eyes, serve as a pillow and a blanket. A wonderful 4-in-1.

More advice


  • Bring your noise-reducing earphones
  • Choose light luggages/bags
  • Bring a pen
  • Don’t forget the chewing gum
  • A pocket tee is practical for your passport
  • Slip-ons and socks are necessary


  • The belt
  • Pocket change
  • Flip flops

Drink enormous amounts of water to stay hydrated. For those whose skin gets dry fast, bring a small bottle of moisturizing lotion (max 100ml). You should also stay away from salty foods, pop and alcoholic beverages on board even though we really understand the temptation.

Go for a jog

No one’s reinventing the wheel when going for a jog. When the fall comes though, it’s important to adapt to the cooler temperatures. Many find it harder to run when it’s cold, we therefore suggest to wear a jacket.

More advice


  • Simple t-shirt
  • Coton jog pants
  • Cap or beenie
  • Sunglasses
  • Socks
  • Running shoes


  • Polar vest
  • Men’s thermal combination
  • Music

Ankle socks are made to prevent blisters. Seams are located at different locations, preventing irritation on sensitive spots.

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